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Fireobs is a Scandinavian tech-driven startup that develops passive wildfire detection systems.

We partner with local organizations, fire departments, and governments – to
develop wildfire detection systems to save future lives and habitats.

Our Approach

Our innovative wildfire detection systems can alert the authorities quicker than current methods, while delivering more precise location data. The system can function without needing batteries or other external power sources when deployed.

Wildfire Detection System

Fireobs’ Wildfire Detection System comprises a network of passive detection modules, strategically arranged in a grid pattern on trees. These modules wirelessly detect wildfires with unparalleled accuracy and speed, well before other methods.

Utilizing cutting-edge lgorithms and proprietary technology, our system is able to predict the progression of ildfires, providing authorities with valuable insights not previously available.

High precision

Transmits the exact coordinates of the of activated detection module

Tiny footprint

The modules are less than 25mm x 50mm x 100mm

No Batteries

Contains no batteries nor requires other electrical infrastructure.

Quick detection

Ability to notify about an emerging fire within few minutes.

Notifies for authorities

Upon detection of a fire, all relevant data is immediately communicated to the appropriate authorities.

Wildfire Evolution Calculation

Utilizing two or more activated modules, it is possible to predict the progression of a fire based on weather data.

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